Enough With The Underdogs

Is being an underdog really an admirable title. For some, yes. For others, no way. So I’m here to tell you five guys/underdogs who really didn’t deserve a chance but people praise them for that title. I’m going to sound like a total jerk but I really don’t care.

5. The Nuggets (MVP: Most Valuable Primate)- The team did have sweet jerseys but a monkey playing hockey? Once again this movie ruled as a kid. But I hate it now, you just can’t believe seeing a chimp on skates. A skateboard maybe(the dumb sequel which bothers me too), but hockey skates? No freaking way.

4. Eden Hall Ducks(D3: The Mighty Ducks) – If your going to tell me that these were the Ducks we came to know and love then you’re lying. These guys were stuck up jerks to be quite honest. Let’s be real too, no junior varsity team would ever beat a varsity team, thanks a lot Disney. The original and D2 are the only good ones in the saga, these kids become entitled and a bunch of jerks. Movie and “underdog” JV mentality really pisses me off.

3. Average Joes Gym(Dodgeball) – Vince Vaughn is cool and all but come on. If this was an actual tournament this team would have stood no chance. Not only beating Globo Gym but that team of College football players and the Hasselhoff lovers? Not a chance. I’m sorry but it should be retitled Dodgeball: We Let Those Jerks Win

2. Jimmy King(Ready To Rumble) – Listen when I was a kid I ate this up. But I watch this now and say no way. Jimmy King? More like Jimmy The Slob. This guy was a total ripoff mixture of Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler. Worst part was he couldn’t win on his own, Sting helped him. The way I see it, THE UNDERDOG CHEATED TO WIN. No wonder why WCW went under in the end.

1. The Benchwarmers(The Benchwarmers)- This had to be illegal right? Come on this didn’t bother anyone else that 3 middle aged men were playing kids on a little league field? Really? This story shouldn’t have anything to do with being an underdog. If this were three actual adults who had some sort of athletic background or common sense they would have smoked these kids. Look when they added Carlos to that team he proved a point. Oh and I believe Deuce Bigalow, Richard and Napoleon Dynamite are gonna kick ass on a little league field.

I like the nice feel good TRUE story, but these are just a complete joke. Trust me, we shouldn’t be giving these stiffs any credit. God my blood is boiling just thinking of some of these so called “underdog stories”.


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