Welcome To Immortality

Two superstars will be heading to Cooperstown for their call to the hall. The two names are two of the best, Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza. These two embodied multiple things in the sports history but let’s take a look at them right now.

The kid, Junior Griffey and Junior are just three of the names of the former Mariner. Just three votes stood between Griffey and the unanimous vote. Am I mad he didn’t get the unanimous? No, just wish he did.

Griffey with the backwards hat and the athleticism is what I will remember. He also had the purest swing I’ve ever seen with my two eyes. You always knew if he got a hold of a good swing that the ball was put into orbit.

Mike Piazza at one time was dubbed “the rock star” by Mets pitcher Al Leiter. That Rock Star is now on his way to the ultimate enshrinement. He hit .307 career and had over 400 homers, pretty good for a CATCHER.

What I will never forget about Piazza was how he loved New York. He fought tooth and nail for that city. Whether physically or emotionally, Piazza became a hero to all Mets fans. I will never forget when Piazza dawned the NYPD symbol on his helmet. When enshrined it shouldn’t be in a Met hat, but with the NYPD hat.

Names left out are some big ones. Bonds, Bagwell, Raines, Schilling, Mussina and Clemens. Bagwell and Raines have to be in next year, Schilling could get in and I think it’s also time for Mussina too. Steroid users could get in but hey it’s too early to say if they will. It’s a joke a guy like Larry Walker isn’t getting more votes than some of the steroid users.

The Rock Star and The Kid await their day in Cooperstown. We all know they deserve it, congrats gentlemen you deserve it.



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