Playoffs? Yes Playoffs

With no allegiances to any of these playoff teams, I’ll take a look at the match ups for this weekend. Then either wait for the others to make picks or just do it myself. So here we go.

Lets start with the 3v6 matchup in the AFC. Pittsburgh travels to Cincy, in an AFC North matchup. The old words have been said Marvin Lewis can’t get it done in the postseason. Do I think it continues? Yeah I think so, my main reason is the QB of Pitt. BIG Ben will be at his best, and he has a selection of WR to chose from.
Steelers 31-17

Sticking with the AFC, Kansas City travels to Houston. KC is arguably the hottest team in football. Elite pass rush and Alex Smith playing unbelievably. Houston has been mediocre most of this year and has Brandon Weeden at the helm. I like the Chiefs in this one, and it may not be pretty.
Chiefs 42-14

Lets head to the NFC and start in Washington. YOU LIKE THAT, YOU LIKE THAT. Well Kirk, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like you guys this week. Listen Green Bay has looked like something shown at the beginning of Bar Rescue. The Pack just has had a major fall from grace. Give me, Captain Kirk in this one.
Redskins 24-14

Seattle and Minnesota could be the most entertaining game of the weekend. I honestly like Seattle but don’t count out Teddy B and AP yet. A home game in those awful, raw and cold conditions. Minnesota will show up to play, but Seattle has been here before. Danger Russ and the gang will be ready to go after that rough start. The Hawks should win this one but by the skin of their teeth.
Seahawks 28-24

So those are my picks. They are present and accounted for. Hopefully I go 4-0 but that usually never happens. Remember that time one of the former writers picked a bunch of games? Yeah he went 0-4, so my chances look kind of bleak. But those are my Wild Card Weekend picks.


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