Somethings Bruin

After the performance of the Bruins in the Winter Classic, a few things need to happen. That game was embarrassing and disgusting. You cannot let a team like Montreal go on live tv and beat the living crap out of you like that. So here’s what needs to happen.

Go get an offensive AND defensive piece. You have prospects and draft picks. There’s talks Jonathan Drouin wants a trade. That kid can play, so come on Donny go get him. Defensively, Justin Faulk has been on the board for months now. Get him from Carolina, I guarantee you offer them Subban and they’ll do it in a heartbeat.

Next thing is to start to utilize Matt Belesky better. He’s a guy who can not only score goals but hit and destroy everything in sight. He played well with Spooner but he needs another piece with him. That piece has to be Pastrnak and not Connolly. Connolly just isn’t good.

Last thing is figure it out on the backend. Kevan Miller and Dennis Seidenberg look like JV guys. Get them out of the lineup in favor of guys like Colin Miller and Zach Trotman. Joe Morrow is a guy who needs more playing time too, kid can flat out play.

Listen, this ain’t no make believe, I still think we are a playoff team. Just need to be healthy and not have anyone do anything stupid. Stupidity stems from Brad Marchand, I think he’s another reason we may have lost that game. But gotta come out flying against the Caps. That’s the best team in hockey right there.


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