Wasn’t The Right Chip

Couple days ago I wrote the Birds would be back next season with a new coach. Low and behold, Jeffrey Laurie goes out and cans Chip. I’m not gonna say I was right, but when the boot fits.

Chip was a good man, I liked him for his first two seasons. But after the load of offseason moves that didn’t pan out, he needed to go. The move that really did it was the Maclin move. He was the teams best receiver and they let him walk. Needed to happen.

Is Billy Davis the defensive coordinator next? You better believe he is. A full revamp of the coaching staff is what needs to happen . Pat Shurmur needs to go to, he stinks as the offensive coordinator. Three new guys with a good plan.

So with a new coach that means Murray is FINALLY going to be the feature back. Ryan Mathews will be the 3rd down back. And Sproles will be a limited role player.

The first notion has to be in the draft. Draft linemen and defensive backs. That’s what we need, get a WR in the free agent pool. There’s bound to be something there.

Whose going to be the next coach? Beats me, really don’t have a clue who it could be. I’d love for Jon Gruden to come back, but that’s a pipe dream. In a perfect world it would be Matt Patricia. That guy is the next big coaching name, doubt he leaves New England. I really don’t have the slightest clue.

New guy has a lot of work to do. A lot of positions and well plenty of time. No playoffs means decisions and interviews will happen soon.

Fly Eagles Fly.


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