No Longer Soaring

Disappointment. Nothing describes this past Eagles season like that one word. After all the hooting and hollering, we will either finish 7-9 or 6-10. Just not the finish we were looking for.

I went into this season with high hopes. Realistically I knew we were still a step or two away from the Super Bowl. But I didn’t really think it was gonna end like this. Where does it all stem from? One name can be that answer. Chip Kelly.

Listen I bought into the system, I liked what we brought to the table. The offense DOES work, and if you don’t think so then you’re an idiot. But what Chip did was asinine, letting go guys like Maclin, Boykin and Mathis. Maclin and Boykin were the two biggest losses. Just inexcusable moves that didn’t need to be made.

Chip didn’t set us up for success, plain and simple. When you bring in DEMARCO MURRAY, you don’t have him standing on the bench. You start to cater your scheme around that guy. What did Chip do? He gave Darren Sproles a heavy workload. Sproles is a good back but you are high if you think he’s better than Murray.

I’m not going to bash Sammy B, he showed signs of excellency quite a few times. A piss, poor o-line and inconsistent receivers made Sammy look bad. His pinnacle of the year was the win at Dallas.

If I’m saying the guys who played their hearts out it would be the front 7. Fletcher Cox is an elite pass rusher, he showed that in the win at New England, 13 pressures on Brady, had TB12 in a tizzy. Jordan Hicks is a stud, the campaign being cut short is when everything went downhill. He will be back next season.

Secondary was inconsistent. Thurmond and Jenkins were alright but Maxwell was brutal. Need to improve there.

We end next week at the Meadowlands. My hearts not in it, we will win and go home afterwards and look back at a season or disappointment and regret. Promise lead us nowhere this year. But I bet you these Birds are back flying and with a NEW COACH next season.


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