Outdoor Hate at Gillette

New Year’s Day hockey will write a new chapter in the rivalry of the Bruins and Habs. Hockey games between them in the past have been ugly. But this one is at a whole new level.

The two hated rivals will meet on New Years Day at Gillette Stadium. A new venue for this classic of the winter. This will be the first appearance for Montreal, while Boston will make their second.

Montreal will play this game without their centerpiece. That piece being goaltender Carey Price. Price went down a few weeks back with a lower body injury. At one point considered the best goalie in the world, now he sits on the DL. Mike Condon will most likely get the nod.

Boston comes in looking pretty good. They’ve made up a lot of ground over the past month and a half. Brad Marchand and Loui Eriksson have been pretty awesome to watch. Tuukka Rask has also played really well this season. Defense has even looked good, yeah that young defense that was a major downgrade. I’ll say it I like the defensive core.

The matchup to watch is Marchand vs Subban. These two guys flat out hate eachother. They’ll be at each others throats in this ballgame. They almost embody this rivalry from the singularity standpoint and should be interesting how it translates to the outdoors.

The best rivalry in hockey will be at the sports center stage in New Years Day. With the game being on NBC, the national audience should eat this game up. The fury coming from each bench will be something to watch. Man this game needs to happen soon, oh wait it’s like a week away. LETS GO B’S!!!


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