Dealing Dave

Ever since Dave Dombrowski was put in charge of the Boston Red Sox, we have not been let down. He came to Boston with a purpose and that’s just what the man has done. That purpose was to since an Ace, get bullpen help, and sign a fourth outfielder. All of which has since been accomplished either before or just at the beginning of the Winter Meetings.

Since joining the BrotherShip staff, I have been known to grade the Red Sox. This article will be like that again with my grades on Dave Dombrowski and the moves he has made. I am not going to lie either all of these grades are how I feel about the moves he has made.

Dave himself- A+++

Dealin Dave has been fantastic so far. I hope he is not done however, I will be extremely satisfied if the moves he has made are his only ones this off-season.

David Price- A

The signing of perennial Cy Young candidate Dave Price was perfect. He was the best pitcher out there and exactly what the Red Sox needed. I believe he will succeed greatly with the Red Sox (I mean he better with all the money he will be making).    

Craig Kimbrel- A

Dombroski’s first accusation. This made a splash right off the bat. Kimbrel only 27 has led the National League in saves for 4 consecutive seasons.  He beefs up the bullpen by himself and will let Koji move down to the 7th inning or 8th inning. A great move.

Chris Young- B

Young, a former Yankee, can be a perfect for Boston. He may not be the best outfielder that was in free agency however, he is a steal. He hits very well against lefties which will help the Red Sox.

Carson Smith- A-

One of my favorite moves. This move is so under the radar. Carson is a power arm to pitch in front of either Koji or Kimbrel or even both.  Losing Wade Miley and gaining Smith is great in my eyes and a huge upgrade for the Boston Bullpen. 

Roenis Elias- B-

His record may not show it but this man could be a steal. He is 27 however, his over the top curve ball is one you see in movies. It is straight nasty. He could succeed greatly behind a better offence in Boston than the Mariners had.

Yes it is very early in the winter meetings however, I am very happy with what has been happening in Boston.



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