I Can’t Believe It

I went to yesterday’s Pats-Eagles game with no expectations. Hell we were down 14 midway through the second quarter. But then something happen, a bad play got us back into the game. Unreal.

Let me say this to start off, New England is hurting right now. They were missing two of the top offensive players in all of football. They were easily still better than the Birds, but when the final buzzer tolled, the scoreboard was in favor of the Eagles.

Sam Bradford only completed 14 passes, but had 2 TDs and what’s even better threw 0 interceptions. Bradford actually looked halfway decent. An absolute strike to Riley Cooper on 3rd and long was maybe the best throw of his career.

Defense, the defense showed up. Malcolm Jenkins, 7 tackles and a 99 yard pick 6. What else was huge was the pass rush. Fletcher Cox had 0 sacks but had 14 pressures. That’s an insane stat right there. Conor Barwin had a big game, he looked like a man possessed. They were all over Brady, and we even saw Jimmy G warming up in case Brady was done.

Special teams was were the game was won. Darren Sproles with the return of a lifetime. That speed killed it. Najee Goode’s blocked punt is what tied the game going into half. An absolutely unbelievable play that set us up perfectly for halftime.

I’ll say it Chip outcoached Bill. Tell me I’m wrong. But I’m not, Chip beat Bill. Bill got too cute with his play calls and it cost him. The dropkick was just a stupid play call. Didn’t make sense and is exactly what got us back in the game.

In my eyes this could be one of the biggest upsets in the last few years. Anytime you beat Tom Brady, it feels sweet. I’m not saying we win if Gronk and Edelman play. In fact I think we lose by 100. But last nights win may have been a spark to get us back into the division. For New England, you have to have a short memory. Houston has been pretty good lately. But there’s no way you can afford to drop a third in a row.

Fly Eagles Fly. God it feels good to say that.


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