Dear Patriots Fans, Do Not Panic

The New England Patriots are coming off one of the worst losses in the Bill Belichick era on Sunday Night, losing to the now 5-7 Philadelphia Eagles. Gillette Stadium, December, an under .500 team… No way the Patriots lose in this situation. The unthinkable happened and the Eagles pulled off the upset.  
Give Philly some credit, they came to play. They came out hard and never gave up, forcing multiple turnovers and creating big plays, including a 99- yard interception return for a touchdown, a blocked punt for a touchdown at the end of the first half, and a punt return for a touchdown.. The Patriots were making mistakes that we are unaccustomed to seeing and that was the most shocking part. 21 points that the Patriots gave away ended up being the difference in the game.

The Patriots have now lost their last two games, something that New England has extremely rarely done under Belichick. While the injuries continue to hurt the Patriots, this is still no time to panic. Yes, the offense is hurting with Gronkowski and Edelman sidelined, but they will be back and the offense will be right back to #1 in the league. The defense should be fully healthy soon and have been playing fairly well to keep the Patriots in games. The special teams had one bad came and you best believe that Belichick will correct these issues right away.

Patriots fans, don’t panic. The Patriots still have the best coach and best Quarterback in the game. The Patriots are still at the top of the AFC with a chance at a top seed. The Patriots will get their top guys back from injury soon enough. Sure, things are looking bleak at the moment, but it’s better to get these problems out of the way now before the games that truly matter.

P.S. Congratulations to the Eagles for winning their Super Bowl last night.


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