Look At That Price Tag

Good god. Good god almighty. We got him.

David Price will be dawning the Red Sox uniform next season. A big deal for the Ace to Boston. A hefty lump sum of cash got Price here. And all I can say is, WOW.

Dave Dombrowski is a mastermind, a dealing mastermind. This is the second time Price has landed in the lap of Dombrowski. If Dealin’ Dave isn’t done yet, then it’s gonna be a blockbuster to see what he does next.

Price comes to Boston for 7 years for $217 Million. That my friends is a lot, a lot of money. Price could be worth that much if he produces, and by produces I mean gets it done in October. Price, comes to Boston after a short tenure in Toronto. He’s still got a lot to prove, and I think he can do it in Boston.

He’s the ace we wanted and needed. I’ll say this, I didn’t want him(he blocked me on Twitter, then I had the realization that he’s darn good. I really like the move because he is a guy who can overcome any adversity. Yeah Boston is a big city with a lot of critics, but Prices biggest critic has always been himself. So I think he’s a guy who could fit into the big scheme of things with the critics and the voice we here from 2-6 on 98.5.

After 3 years, Price can opt out. So if he stinks then well he’s heading to the Yankees. That’s just how it works. But we got him now and that’s all that matters.

So we now wait to see if Price works here in our system. Yeah the good news is the bad blood between him and Papi is dead. Hurrah! So when he fans 14 in his first start, we can say Dave made the best move bringing David here to Boston.


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