Whose in? 

After a wild week in the College football world, its becoming clearer who is in the 4 team playoff.

First is Clemson. Clemson has been undefeated all year. They are a complete team who deserve a shot at the title. One more step to take as they will face North Carolina for the ACC championship. If they win this (I think they will), they will be the number 1 seed. 

Second is a team that seems to always be in the top 2. ROLL TIDE you’ll hear. Alabama is back after one mishap early on vs Ole Miss. All they have too do to secure a spot is beat Florida in the SEC title game and they should be the 2 seed.

Third comes the Sooners. Oklahoma should wrap up the 3 seed after destroying Oklahoma State last night. They finish 11-1 with either 1 loss being Texas. 

Now here is the fun part. I believe the winner of the Big 12 championship will be the 4 seed barring no one up top losses. That leaves 12-0 Iowa vs 11-1 Michigan State

Iowa has looked really good this year but hasn’t played any of the likes of MSU OSU or UM. They may have 3 losses if they played all 3. Michigan State lone loss was to Nebraska. (Bias fan I am still thinks they got screwed)


So that leaves Ohio State, Stanford, and Florida State out barring again the only one to lose is Iowa or MSU. 

I believe the only way any of these 3 teams get in is if Alabama or Clemson losses however, if Clemson loses North Carolina will definitely jump right into the picture. 

So the stage is set. We will all just have to wait and watch.


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