Crosby Comeback: Breakout or Bust?

It goes without saying that there is an enormous amount of discussion around the league about the extreme lack of point production from Sidney Crosby. Going into the season with all the off-season roster moves made, as a Penguins fan, I was looking forward to a red hot start. Now don’t get me wrong, third in the division at this point in the season is by no means terrible. However, I expect a lot more out of this team.

The 28 year old superstar, Crosby, has the stage set for a banner year entering what should be his prime as a player. With the addition of some heavy offensive firepower, Phil Kessel, and some solid additions to the defensive lineup, Crosby should be producing some serious points.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that for once in his career, Crosby is completely healthy coming off one of his only full seasons in his career and 14 points in 22 games is something myself and Penguins fans everywhere are extremely disappointed by. Again, these numbers are not horrible, but by no means are they what Sid could be producing with his team and his skill. I mean, Crosby is minus-10 right now. This is a statistic where he normally thrives.

Now, as much as this article seems like me just sitting here bagging on my team, I do have a positive outlook. Reading over this I seem extremely frustrated and that is exactly the case. I do think there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Wednesday’s game against the Blues is the Sidney Crosby I love to see. Two great goals and nine shots on net? I’ll absolutely take that. In addition to the fact that he had never previously scored on the Blues, that is a game I enjoyed thoroughly.

His next game against the Blue Jackets was nothing stellar, but Sid did record another point in that tilt, which is another step in the right direction. Every player has slumps. By no means am I saying that I have lost any faith in Crosby or the Penguins. In my opinion, I think that Crosby is soon to break out of this rut and the team will with him. Go Pens.



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