Celtic Pride

Am I excited at what I’m seeing in the Boston Celtics so far this season? You bet I am, and here’s why.

Brad Stevens is on his way to becoming a huge name coach in the league. I was very concerned at first. I honestly wasn’t sure if Brad could get it done in the NBA. But Brad has me believing more than ever. His system converted to the NBA style. He showed last season a great sense of resiliency in getting the team to the post season. Way to go Brad.

The duo of Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas could be the next huge dynamic duo. I love what I see in Marcus. This kid absolutely shut down Russell Westbrook a few games back, and shows no signs of stopping. As long as he stays healthy, he could be a major superstar in the league. Isaiah can grow a bit more. I love his explosiveness but the amount of shots he takes is a bit much.

Jae Crowder has been the teams best player. I am not joking when I say that either. Crowder is having the best season of his career. And to think we got him in the Rondo trade. Danny sure did steal Crowder from Dallas.

Bench guards like RJ Hunter and Avery Bradley have proved their worth. Hunter could shoot from the parking lot and swish just about anything. Bradley coming off the bench is what’s best for the team.

The depth big men have been a lot better too. Kelly Olynk and Tyler Zeller have looked decent this season. Olynk has played exceptionally well, he has also proved his worth this season. He can step back and crush 3s like most guard but has the build of a 4-5. Zeller isn’t bad just needs some work.

Hey don’t forget we have the Nets first round pick for the next 3 years. Everything coming up Danny Ainge.


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