Eagles Landing in Dallas

I am at a complete loss for words after that one.

Oh man, oh man, oh man, not again. Thats what was going through my head the entire second half of last nights Eagles-Cowboys Sunday Night thriller. After all the bad officiating, rough play calls and typical Jerry’s world antics, Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford flew us to victory.

Sam Bradford, showed up to play some ball. Bradford throws 25 for 36 going for 295 yards and a touchdown. Sammy B, on his birthday, threw the most clutch pass of his career to Jordan Matthews for a score. I have been a big doubter of Sammy in the past, but he has gained a lot of respect after tonights performance. A walk-off win in Dallas on your b-day? Thats the way to do it Sam.

DeMarco Murray returns to Dallas for the first time and runs rampant. 83 rushing yards and 78 receiving, thats the way its done my friend. He IS the back we need, tonight was just a glimpse on what he can do. Couple of huge gains in the late 4th and a gain of 20 in OT, Murray played like the stud he is.

Jordan Matthews is back my friends. He has not been as good as last year, but tonight proved he can be the feature receiver in this offense. 9 grabs for 133 yards, and the game winning catch and run. Thats how its done.

Jordan Hicks was the STEAL of the draft. This kid is going to be an absolute defensive freak in the coming years. He came to play and made some big tackles down the stretch. I like him playing in the middle and he compliments Kiko and Kendricks really well, he may be actually better. The defense played solid, bad penalty calls on Byron Maxwell late. Nothing he can do, theres really nothing a guy can do to play proper corner anymore. Really a shame.

Let me say the 4th and 1 in OT play call was a bit sit was suspect, but clear as day Ryan Mathews was down. Hochuli got that call right (one of the few he actually got right). Officiating was anything but good, but the overturning of the Mathews fumble was actually good. I’m watching you Hochuli, you bum.

4-4? I’m fine with being even right now. Wish we could have the first meeting with the Cowboys back and the Carolina game, but I’m okay with where we are at this point. Next week means Miami and Mr. Ryan Tannehill, so lets gear up and get ready for the Fish.


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