Bones Is Back

The journey to redemption for a man like Jon Jones has been a long one. But he is on his way back to the octagon and looks to be ready for another reign.

Jones has had a long road back to the UFC after the controversy from months back. Many believe Jones is in a sticky situation, me included but it’s time for a return.

Jones never lost his title, he should be the first in line. Sorry Anthony Johnson but Jon Jones is the number one contender. Maybe we see a fight between Jones-Johnson for the right to fight Daniel Cormier.

Speaking of Cormier, he and Jones have zero respect for each other. Another build-up is looming and that means fireworks upon fireworks. These two men will do anything to get at each other’s throat. It’ll be a fight to remember or at least a fight better than the first one they had.

This is huge for the UFC. Dana White has been running out of stars and cannot rely on Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor for much longer even if they continue to win. Jones was the star they had and lost. But superstardom will never leave Jones, he’s “the guy”. “The Guy” could even be known as “The Bad Guy”. A villain the UFC hasn’t had since they lost Brock Lesnar.

So now we just play the waiting game. We wait for the announcement of Jones-DC 2. I’ll even settle for Johnson-Jones then see Jones-DC. The excitement for fight fans is going to be at an all time high. The UFC has its poster boy back.


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