Hell In A Cell Preview

Yes, folks this Sunday will be the final meeting between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. Two men who have absolutely no love for each other in the least, meet inside the Devils playground. If your a wrestling fan, you do not want to miss a match like this.

Lets go back to Wrestlemania 30, it was The Streak vs The Beast. The Undertakers 21-0 streak was on the line, with the Minnesota native in Lesnar looking to break it. And break it he did, and he did it emphatically. Not 1, not 2 but 3 F-5’s to the deadman were delivered by the Paul Heyman guy.

Fast forward to Battleground, Lesnar is looking to win back his title from Seth Rollins. Until, the bell tolls, and here comes the Phenom. Undertaker strikes, and quickly makes work of the Beast. Costing Lesnar the belt, and his chance to beat Rollins.

Lesnar and Taker meet at SummerSlam, a match that had all the makings of an unreal ending, left us with the question, did he or didn’t he tap out? Well I guess he didn’t, and Undertaker wins begins Brock passes out. So what do we get? A trilogy! Rejoice!

This isn’t the first time they have met inside a Cell, Lesnar took the previous meeting in convincing fashion. This time is different, this time its personal. Lesnar wants revenge for Battleground, Undertaker for Wrestlemania. I will be shocked to say the least at an Undertaker win, I think this is Lesnars match.

The other matches?

  • Rusev, Sheamus and Barrett over Cesaro, Ziggler and Neville(WHY IS THIS ON THE PRESHOW!!!!)
  • Owens beats Ryback, enough with Ryback already
  • Cena loses the Open Challenge, my guess is its Tyler Breeze, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro or Daniel Bryan(YES!)
  • Dudleys and New Day once again a DQ, there will be tables in the future
  • Charlottle over Nikki, Paige will do something though
  • Rollins over Kane, could see a Sheamus cash-in, wouldn’t mind it either
  • Wyatt over Reigns, this could steal the show, unless someone unexpected beats Cena

Should be a solid event, my only problem is the lack of Dean Ambrose and company. Ambrose has been a top guy and has been treated like mush. We could finally see the Ambrose turn happen but I think that happens at Survior Series


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