Good or Bad?

As we enter week 6, we have 6 teams remaining that are undefeated. Three in the NFC and three in the AFC. But which teams are for real and which teams are just pretending?

New England is easily the best team in all of football. So they are definitely a contender. Tom Brady right now is the best player in all of football. No one can argue that. The schedule will get tougher but I don’t see the Pats dropping a game for a little while.

Another contender is Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is cool and calm in the pocket at all times. The loss of Jordy Nelson isn’t as big because of the re-emergence of James Jones. But what hurts them is their secondary, Mike McCarthy needs to pick someone up in a big way.

I’ll say it, Andy Dalton is an elite QB. Cincy is a contender for sure, and last week they proved it. But with Cincy there is always the choke factor. Marvin Lewis knows how to blow big games. Dalton to Aj Green will have to get them places. I’ll say this too, they are the biggest threat to Brady and the Pats.

Last team that I think is a contender is Atlanta. The Falcons will go as far as Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will take them. Dan Quinn has flipped that program back into a winner. Will be interesting to see how they figure in with Seattle and Green Bay in the NFC

Denver is lucky to be unbeaten. Peyton could be the most overrated in the game. That defense however is what has made them the team they are. Denver should not be 5-0, they should be 2-3 at best. They define pretender.

Carolina and Cam Newton are also a team that hasn’t proved a whole lot. Wins over New Orleans, Jacksonville and Tampa are only appealing to the naked eye. They’ll lose within the next two or three weeks. Easily a pretender.

A team that should be 5-0 is the New York Giants. Three quarters separate them from being unbeaten. They are a scary team in the NFC, and have a tough one coming up in on Monday Night.

I can only wait to see whose still unbeaten and whose a loser this time next week.


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