Keep The Pats Train Rolling 

The Patriots are cheaters! The Patriots are cheaters!
Go ahead…keep screaming it to the heavens. Deflategate, spygate, gate this and gate that.

There’s only one thing that is really true in New England and that is…the Patriots are winners.


After an offseason of turmoil with accusations of deflating footballs against their star Quarterback Tom Brady, trials and hearings and all that. Most teams would have folded under all this pressure, but not the Patriots. If anything, this team has become even more inspired and they have no signs of slowing down.

The first quarter of the season is in the books and the Patriots have come out unscathed with a 3-0 record. Tom Brady is looking like a fine wine, only getting better with age, posting 9 touchdowns and zero interceptions in 3 games with 1,112 passing yards.


Brady has been able to spread the wealth of success to his top targets Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, who lead the offense in the majority of receiving categories. The Patriots are not limited to those two options, however. Receivers Danny Amendola and even Aaron Dobson have made contributions as well. Brady even threw a touchdown pass to newly acquired receiver Keshawn Martin in their last game out against the Jaguars, just showing how deep the Patriots make their roster.

The offensive surprise of the year so far has been running back Dion Lewis. Lewis showed some promise in the preseason as a pass catching running back, who could potentially replace their pass catcher out of the backfield, Shane Vereen. Lewis has done that and then some by reeling in 15 catches for 179 yards while rushing for 146 yards on 30 carries and 2 touchdowns. 


As for the defense, there are some improvements that can be made, but for what some people believed could be a porous secondary has been pretty solid. All-pro Devin McCourty has made his mark as the leader of the secondary and has shown why the Patriots made the right decision in re-signing him.

Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler has shown he is more than just a one hit wonder. The young talent has matched up on the opposing teams best receiver and hasn’t made it easy for them. Week 1, he has the tough task of covering Antonio Brown. Brown did have some success on Butler, but it certainly wasn’t a cakewalk. This proves that Butler has the potential of being a great shutdown corner for years to come, but he still has some work to do.


The front seven of the New England defense is their strong point. Up front they have Chandler Jones, Jabaal Sheard, Jerod Mayo, Jaime Collins,and Dont’a Hightower. I would like to see Thor front o be even more dominant in the pass rush and rush defense. I would also like to see more out of rookie defensive tackle Malcom Brown, who has the potential to be the next Vince Wilfork. If there is anyone who will be able to take this defense to the top of the league, it will be Head Coach Bill Belichick.

This week, the Patriots take the trip to Jerry World to take on the Dallas Cowboys. Never an easy game against the Cowboys, but this one is going to be a little easier than expected. Dallas is without Quarterback Tony Romo and star receiver Dez Bryant. These two have been the staple of the Cowboys for years and their absence has shown on the field since they went down. Backup QB Brandon Weeden has been a clear downgrade and this has hurt the Cowboys offense.



To make matters worse, defensive end Greg Hardy, who is coming back from suspension had some words to say about Tom Brady and his wife.


When will the NFL learn? What’s worse than playing against Tom Brady? Playing against an even more pissed off Tom Brady. It’s just adding fuel to the fire when the Patriots burn down the NFL piece by piece.

The Patriots revenge tour will continue with ease this week in Dallas.


Coming to theaters: February 7th, 2016  

New England: 38

Dallas: 17

On to Indianapolis.



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