Cubbies Get Through

The Cubs? In the playoffs? You’re kidding me. Wait you’re not? Oh wow they are moving into the NLDS.

The Chicago Cubs went into Pittsburgh, ripped the Jolly Rodger down and won. A statement victory for the Cubbies.

Jake Arrieta, another dominant performance. Are we surprised at this point? Not in the least. This guy is nails, probably going to win the Cy Young, maybe even steal the MVP. Throws a complete game on the road to top it all off, like I said nails.

Schwarber and Fowler were the offense plain and simple. Two guys who are usually for their getting on base skills, decided to go yard twice and playe four RBIs. Not the guys you’d expect to do this.

St. Louis awaits the Cubs. We all know there is 0 love between the two teams and two cities. Lester will get the nod in Game 1 if I have it right. His opposition? John Lackey, oh my lord what a matchup. This series has fireworks all over it, I CAN’T WAIT!


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