Upsides. Downsides. All over the Board. Your 2015 Boston Red Sox

At the all-star break, I gave out my half-way point grades for each player on this year’s squad. Now with the season over, and the wild card games slowly approaching I am again writing too you my grades for the Boston Red Sox.

The season has been a very long one for the Red Sox and even longer for the fans. (Even more so that our beloved Don Orsillo will not be returning). However, there was some upsides for the squad in a team full of disappointments.

I will be grading everyone in the same order I did for the midseason grades, so if you didn’t read those you should go read them for a quick preview 😉


Ryan Hanigan- B-

At the mid-way point, I gave Ryan a B. I was actually very impressed with the veteran catcher. The man called a great game behind the dish. He wasn’t great hitting but you cannot ask for more from the savvy vet.

Blake Swihart- B+

After giving Blake a B- at the beginning, he was actually very fun to watch. He held his own out there for the most part.  He will be a big part of the future of this team.


Sandy Leon- C

He did not receive a midseason grade however, he lived up to what the scouts said. A solid defender who cannot hit.

First Basemen

Travis Shaw- A+

This man was the biggest surprise of the year. He was simply great for a kid who wasn’t expected much out of. He was a powerful hitter who fit well in the 5th spot in the lineup.


David Ortiz- A

After a very slow start, there is a new man in the 500 homerun club. Ortiz was on a tear to end the season and he was just fun to watch. Ortiz got a C at the beginning but his end of the season makes him sky rocket to an A.

Second Baseman

Dustin Pedroia – A-

Pedi was Pedi when he was healthy so I cannot say much else. He remains at an A- because the man is a force in the field.

Brock Holt- B+

The lone all-star of the squad drops from an A to B+ simply because he still slowed down in the second half. Does this prove he cannot be an everyday player?

Josh Rutledge- D

He was poor at best. I do not give him much chance to make the big league roster next year.


Xander Bogaerts-A+

The grading of this man stays the same. He leads the league in almost all stats for starting shortstops. He should have been an all-star from the start. He will also be competing for best SS in the game with Astros Carlos Correa for years to come.


Third Basemen

Pablo Sandoval- F


Deven Marrero- D

One of the young prospects for Boston, didn’t show us much. Proving he was overmatched at the plate. So he will have to improve greatly if he wants to be more than a utility player.


Mookie Betts- A+

Mookie can do no wrong. He is just fun to watch in any position from left to right. He just makes this team better when he is out there.

Hanley Ramriez- F
Who was worse him or Panda?

Rusney Castillo – C

He was much better than the F he got midway however, I am still waiting to see if he deserves all the money we gave out to him. He should be starting in Left next season.


Jackie Bradley Junior- A-

Incomplete at the break, his late season surge was enough to put him in the conversation for starting center fielder. His bat literally came out of nowhere to everyone’s surprise.

Allen Craig-F

Once a feared hitter, was just plain brutal everywhere he played.

Starting Pitchers

Clay Buccholz- C-

Clay on the DL. SHOCKER!
Rick Porcello- D-

HE was better in the second half but not by much.

Joe Kelly- C-

He showed some value at the end lowering his ERA greatly. However, Id like to see him as a closer possibly or a one inning set up man.

Wade Miley- C+

Wade wasn’t bad but wasn’t good. He used up a lot of innings for Boston and could contribute if he has a better defense.

Eduardo Rodriquez- A-

He is a very high trade option if the Red Sox want a front of the line Ace because he is young and can win. If not traded, he can be an ACE in years to come.


Steven Wright- C+

He was pitching well until his injury. He could be a valuable number 5 or a long relief option for the upcoming season.

Rich Hill- A+

Where did he come from? The old Chicago Cub came on late and proved he still has some worth pitching amazing in the end for the Red Sox.

Henry Owens- C
Some control issues here for the youngster but did prove he belongs in the Big Leagues.

Relief Pitchers

Tommy Layne- C-

I like Tommy Layne if they use him the right way. HE gets lit up by righties but is dominant verse lefties.

Alexi Ogando- D+

He looked good at first however, he was much too over worked. He struggled greatly this year.

Craig Breslow- D

One of my favorites during the 2013 playoff run, he wasn’t nearly was effective. He started twice doing okay at the end of the season but I doubt to see him back in Red.

Robbie Ross, Jr.- C

I guess I will give him a C. He hated him all year but he pitched okay in mop up duty.

Matt Barnes- D-

He needs to step back and start over. He needs to work on his control, his homers per innings, basically everything.

Junichi Tazawa- C

He dropped off completely once Koji went down. He was also worked way too much and is clearly not a closer.

Koji Uehara- B+

Koji remained himself. That’s basically all that can be said until he went down because of injury.


Farrell- C

Little can be said once John went down with cancer. A sad story it is. But all will be told if he makes it through next season.
Tony Luvollo- A

He honestly, did a great job when he came in. He will go back to being bench coach next season however, he should be a manger somewhere.

After looking back at my grades, I would grade the team as a whole as a D+. After such a fantastic off season, you expected a lot better. We can only hope for something big to happen (cough Chris Sale, David Price, or Sonny Gray cough)

But as always go sox.


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