Chip? Whats Going On?

1 win……3 losses……You have to be kidding me right? Nope, that’s how the Eagles have opened up this season. And I am not happy about it, not happy at all.

Sam Bradford had a good game in Washington, 3 touchdowns and over 300 yards. Week 1? A good second half, week 2 he played terrible and week 3 was wishy-washy. Maybe last week was the Sam Bradford coming out party, and hes going to beat down New Orleans this week and assure us hes not bad. But please Chip, if he struggles this week, PUT IN SANCHEZ.

DeMarco need the ball more. Plain and simple hes not getting the ball enough, hes struggled at times, but if they gave him the ball instead of Sproles they would have been better off. Ryan Mathews is solid yeah, but come on Chip give him the ball a lot more than he already is getting it. Its about time to release the beast that Murray is, and release it against New Orleans.

The defense has been pretty good, just can’t stay healthy all the time. But where they found Jordan Hicks in the third round or wherever he fell to that kids a stud. So thats all I have about the defense.

Chip its time my friend. Time to put up or shut up, turn it around man. If you can’t, well we could see you at Tennessee coaching the Vols next season. I still buy in, I still believe but only for so much longer.


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