3 Days till Puck

I promised a more in depth season preview so here we go. We are officially 3 days away from puck drop. I’m like a kid in a candy store, I’m giddy with excitement.

I’ll say this, I’m scare for the youngblood in the lineup. Spooner and Pastrnak in more heightened roles means one thing. Pressure. I want to see if they can respond to it, making them possibly two superstars of the team.

Bergy is a lifetime Bruin. Arguably one of the best in the modern era. But it’s time for him to step up even more before. The division is tougher than ever, he will need to be the leader we all know he is to get through the Habs and Bolts.

A guy I’m worried about is surely Loui Eriksson. The Swedish born forward may not have what it takes to play on line 2 in Boston. I’ll let my eyes see what he has to offer, but if he isn’t producing, I’ll say it’s time to ship him out.

Tuukka is the rock. Without him last year, we would have been worse. He will win a ton of games, but will need to keep his head in the game. Some games he looked iffy, but if the Fin can win a ton of games then I’ll be happy.

For the new guys, welcome to Boston. We will love you wen you rule and hate you when you suck. Especially with the talent they’re supposedly bringing in.

I expect a playoff berth, not saying what seed or whatever. But I really do in my heart think they’re a playoff team. Cup winner? I don’t know, anything can happen. But I made a pick a few weeks back saying we’d win it in 6, and we will.


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