Are The Buckeyes Really The Best?

Ohio State now stands 2-0 on this young college football season. Surprise surprise I guess. The Cadillac that is Cardale Jones is proving to be a dominant force in the college game. Ezekiel Elliot once he gets going could be the best back in the entire country. Oh and they have a guy named Joey Bosa on the defensive side of the ball. Bosa can ball to say the least.

But lets look back to week 1 for the Buckeyes.

Michael Brewster kept Va Tech alive for the majority of the game. What killed the Hokie momentum was the injury to Brewster. If Brewster plays the entire game, in my gods honest opinion the Buckeyes just barely limp out of Blacksburg with a victory. Braxton Miller could have easily been put in at QB, but lets be real the spin move was the play of the season already.

This Buckeyes team is poised to repeat. Lets be honest not many of the Big 10 teams will pose a threat to Urban Meyers club this season. But circle the meeting between them and the boys from Sparty.

Sparty on Saturday night took down the quack attack in the Oregon Ducks in a thriller. Conner Cook, could be the best quarterback not named Cardale Jones. Mark Dantonio and the Spartans pride themselves on two things, those being a hard hitting defense and a great running game. Both of those basically won them the game against the Ducks.

So saying they get through to the playoff undefeated could be actuality at this point. Playoff hopefuls such as TCU, Alabama and Auburn are to me the three who can take them down. But as of right now the Buckeyes are the most complete team in the college game.


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