Brady Wins, Deflategate Over, All Good is Restored

Judge Richard Berman ruled today that the suspension sent down by NFL commisioner Roger Goodell for Tom Brady to sit out of the first 4 games of the 2015 regular season was too far. Berman cleared Brady’s name in the Deflategate controversy and has officially put this whole fiasco to bed. (Barring a late hail mary by the NFL as they are appealing the Judges decision).

Despite the fact that Roger Goodell looks like the biggest boob on the face of the planet (bigger than NHL commissioner Gary Bettman) both sides of this dispute still win. Tom gets his suspension erased and his image squeaky clean again. You ask how Goodell and the NFL win here? Uh, what’s everyone been talking about this summer while the NFL has been in it’s offseason? The NFL! This was perfectly timed as it was launched during the bye week before Super Bowl XLIX, and it ran all the way up until the week before opening night. Now all eyes will be on the Patriots Steelers game next Thursday, even more so than before. This game could quite possibly get the highest regular season, and maybe postseason, ratings ever. So the NFL is cashing out. Per usual.

But, the NFL and Clown Goodell forgot to factor in what would happen if they tried to take down Brady and the Patriots. Something similar to when they tried to take them down with Spygate in ’07. That’s right. Brady always plays better after a loss, never mind his own commissioner trying to keep him out of the first four games, just imagine what type of wizardry Bill and Tom have been drawing up or keeping in their back pocket for a season like this. Honestly scares me.


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