FedEx Cup? Golf Playoff

Here we go boys and girls. Playoff time in golf. Wait a second…..did I just say that? You bet I did. The FedEx Cup event is here again and we have a number of major players who could come home with the goods after all is said and done.

Jordan Spieth is easily the favorite because he’s the number 1 golfer in the world. 2 major wins is the marquee finish this season for Jordo. The young man has proven to be the next big star in golf, he wins this then 2016 could be headlined as the year of Jordo.

Jason Day is ranked 2 as of right now and is hot on Spieths trail. He won the PGA Championship for his first major a few weeks back. Day has been nearly unstoppable all season with some good rounds. Day could easily have 3 majors but the ball didn’t go his way. Day should be a major player in these 4 tourneys.

Rory is Rory what can I say. This hasn’t been the year for this young man. No Open Championship really killed it for him after that dumb injury. Don’t think he bounces back at all, I think he’s got slim chances to be quite honest.

Name to watch out for is Jimmy Walker. I was excited about Walker going into this year but he didn’t really show me anything. I think he’s poised for 1-2 big outings and could steal it all in the end.


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