Future of the Outfield

Throughout the season, it hasn’t been clear who will be in the outfield next season. Well, besides Mookie Betts of course. 


Would it be Rusney? Hanley? De Aza? Holt?

Well, one player who I did not list above, is proving he should be an everyday outfielder. 

That player is Jackie Bradley, JR. 
JBJ, who had struggled since entering the big leagues, has been a complete different player. Since August 9th, Jackie has hit .435 with a 1.458 OPS. Outplaying every outfielder he’s played alongside including Betts. 

So while Mookie is lock, and rumors Hanley may move to first base (THANK GOD), the only other options I would be satisfied with is JBJ and Rusney. Rusney alone has hit .391 this month. 
Each has an upside that excites me for next season. Because let’s be honest, this season has been over for awhile. 

Mookie looks like he is a star in the making. JBJ has as good of an arm as anyone in the majors and is finally hitting. And Rusney hits the ball with such force. These three together could be a great trio for the future. 


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