Shamrocks Black Comes Out On Top

What a wild weekend in the world of summer hockey. Shamrocks summer hockey has come to a close. The weekends lineup of games was absolutely unbelievable. The black team was crowned the champions with a 7-5 win over the white team in a tension filled war on ice.

Semi-final games were high scoring affairs with Black winning 10-7 against Green. And White winning 6-4 over Blue. This would be the second time in league history that Black and White were pitted against each other in the final game.

In a game filled with emotion and disdain, Black reigned supreme with hard fought victory. Black led by 2 on 2 separate occasions, but the egos on white wouldn’t walk away easy. Coming from behind and taking a goal lead with 5 and a half to go.

White then took a costly penalty leading to a power play goal by Chris Arnaudo. Then with a minute and a half to go Jared Collins once again scored the GWG in the final. Collins is a big game player, and you can bet he was a huge piece to the puzzle for Black. Collins was named Playoff MVP once again for his heroic performance throughout the playoffs.

Blacks defense led by Derek Shea was very solid. Shea even got himself a big hustle goal to open the game. Arnaudo, Corsi, Friday and TJ (no idea what his last name is) played their hearts out. Arnaudo popped in two and Corsi and Friday each had an assist.

Blacks top and second line were truly astounding at points of the game. Isberg-Collins-Bourque as well as the Hildebrand-Campbell connection were key in tough situations of the game.

Going out on top is something Jack Corsi and AJ Friday are used to. The duo three-peated, gotta give it to them for that. They get their 3rd and guys like Mike Donadio, Chris Arnaudo, Joe Bourque and Aidan Isberg get their first crown in the league.

Now we play the waiting game. Summer hockey has come to a close. Storylines going into next summer are will Corsi and Friday return for a fourth ring? And can Black be the first team to repeat? Until next summer, Shamrocks hockey has left the building.

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