Shamrocks Playoff Showdowns

Summer hockey royalty will be crowned this Sunday at the Vet(FMC Rink in Franklin). Shamrocks summer hockey comes to a close on a historic season. Unforgettable match ups and story lines will fill the opening round, as well as the final face off for the ‘ship. Like I’ve said before, I’m the CEO I will write what I please.

Black picked up Jack Corsi, Jared Collins, Greg McWade and AJ Friday(Corsi and Friday have won back to back crowns) in the offseason. Many wondered if rivals Corsi and Chris Arnaudo(returning black captain) could co-exist. They most certainly can, the Black team could be considered the tightest knit group. Along with that big pick up, Black was able to get Aidan Isberg and Ricky Hildebrand. Two power players in the league. Joe Bourque and Dennis Pisani have been big names for this squad as well. Mike Donadio will have to be on his “A” game in goal during the postseason.

White team struggles with the egos on their team. Many consider them the New York Jets of the league. Mainly because they’re always arguing and yelling at each other. White has struggled late in the season. They will have to find some way to come together to get to the final.

Blue has arguably the fastest roster in the entire league. They have a lot of goal scoring ability throughout their lineup. Their a bit thin on the back end but they make up for up in speed led by Ryan Spillane. Spillane has been the backbone of the Blue offense the entire season. The x-factor has been the “2 Kyles”, Kyle Lundgren and Kyle Filbert. They go by Lunga and Chooch, and trust me these two are pretty big pieces. Evan Stawarz is the elder statesman and the leader of the club, he’s looking at league MVP if the team gets it all done.

Defending champs Green are without their captains in Corsi, Friday and McWade. Green can’t seem to find a W after an ok start to the season. One thing is for sure they have an immaculate goalie. Rich Shipman has been the all star for green. He has kept them in a majority of games. Without him, Green would be winless plain and simple. They have the tools for success but just can’t find the W at the end. The addition of Andrew Durkin was also a major late season waiver wire pick up.

Thursday nights season finale didn’t disappoint. Green broke the losing ways battling white to a tie. But that will leave green in fourth place. Black secured the top spot with a 6-4 come from behind victory. Both games had the playoff atmosphere to them.

Sunday’s playoff open up with a finals rematch of Green and Black. Emotions will most certainly be at an all time high. Blue and White will meet in the other game. First time blue and white have met in the playoffs in 3-4 years.

So with that I will leave you with this. With the cup on the line how far are these teams willing to go to win?


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