Papi Chases 500

While this season is basically over, there are a few things Red Sox fans can still cheer for. First, is the growth of the Young Stars. Second, being David Ortiz’s chase for 500 home runs. 
Currently, Papi is sitting at 491 homers. Earlier in the season, no body thought Ortiz could come close to this, this year. However, he has been on a bit of a hot streak and now only sits 9 away after hitting two yesterday. 

Big Papi is already locked into a contract next year however, if I am the Red Sox front office, I hope Ortiz get it this year. 

David is currently on pace for 33 which would leave him at 499. ONE AWAY from the 500th. Many people believe, that the only way for Ortiz to get a Hall of Fame bid is to become the 27th player to hit 500 jacks. 

So the question is: “I’ll be watching, will you?” 


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