Mets In First? Yes!

Usually when you hear the name the New York Mets, you hear groans and excuses. New York has been owned by the Yankees for years and years now. But now the Mets are starting to fade from mediocrity and into superiority.

The Mets have arguably one of the best rotations in all of baseball, if not the best. Matt Harvey(who was written about months ago) is really hitting his stride. His style is one of the top in the game, if he had a better start I think he would be a top Cy Young candidate. Jason DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard are young studs and will be top guys. Don’t forget Steve Matz, the guy whose grampa stole the spotlight, he will be back too. Oh yeah they got Bartolo Colon too.
The lineup has struggled but over the last month they have gotten a bit better. The Cespedes move is what I think got them over the hump. He’s a power hitter who plays unbelievable defense. Lucas Duda will have to pick up the pace as well as Curtis Granderson. These two guys are big players who will need to start producing a lot more than they already are.
When you have Max Scherzer and Bryce Harper in your division you need to worry a bit. The Nats are right behind the Mets. These two teams are duking out big time and they have a few games left against each other. Should be a fun set of games to watch. Maybe even some bad blood will spill over.
Go Mets, not only because they’ve been miserable but because of Jon Stewart. If you haven’t seen the vine here it is.
Truly awesome stuff.


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