Pack Up, The Seasons Over

Last night, the Red Sox continued their losing ways. This time on a walk-off homer from Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros. And just like that the season is officially lost.

My blame goes solely on ownership and management. The boogeyman and his idiotic yes-men have soiled what looked to be a promising season.

Why is Ben Cherrington still around? Never got us the ace we needed. The guy had one good season as a GM, and has stunk up the joint since then. John Farrell is just in the crossfire. He makes up an excuse like some people I know after every mistake or wrong doing.

Player morale is at an all time low. Hey David Ortiz, play first base its not going to kill you. He’s only still around so he can get 500 homers, then he will be gone(still think he juiced).

Hanley and Pablo suck. Just I don’t care who you are if you’ve said they’ve been good you’re a moron.

Napoli….yikes he’s bad.

Do we have pitching? I didn’t know since it’s so bad. I mean trot a little leaguer out there. Might as well at this stage.

X, Mook and Holt are the stars of this team. E-Rod has digressed since coming up. Swiharts development was ruined by being brought up. And Brian Johnson was fed to the wolves after 15 days of no pitching. Give me a break.

Pack it up Sox fans, we are in for a long offseason. This team stinks, and will continue to stink unless changes are made. Don’t hold your breathe those changes probably won’t happen.


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