Speith Comes Close

The Open Championship wrapped up earlier this week on Monday and it was some of the best golf I’ve watched. American, Zach Johnson took the cake in a nail-biting finish. It took a 4-hole playoff between, South African, Louis Oosthuizen (finished 2nd) Australian, Marc Leishman (3rd), and Johnson to determine the winner of the 4-round tournament that took five days due to weather delays throughout the weekend.

I’m here to talk about the guy that wasn’t in that playoff though. Jordan Speith. There’s a reason he got the headline, and most others throughout the sports world. Speith was one shot back for most of the latter part of the last round and I think I can speak for most when I say we all were just waiting for him so make it up. He did just that with an incredible birdie on hole 16. british-open-jordan-spieth-birdie_t780

Then, things turned for the worst when Speith missed par on 17 and then missed a must-have birdie on 18. So the 21-year old kid walks away from the course with an unbelievable performance on one of the hardest courses in the world, tying for 4th, and with Masters/US Open wins in his back pocket.

Not bad.

This guy should legitimately keep the rest of the golfers in the field up at night. Believe it or not, he’s only going to get better from here. It’s only natural. He is not a guy who will get complacent with his early accomplishments. Look at his post round interview. He was livid with a 4th place finish.

I don’t know much golf but I’d bet my college savings Jordo wins the last major of the year (PGA Championship). The look on his face when he was behind all day Monday was borderline psychotic. Speith is one of the best competitors on The Tour. Then, you add in that he’s also the best golfer on The Tour. Buckle-up golf world. This kid could be something special.

Side note: The best part of Speith taking the world of golf by storm is that it’s finally getting Tiger out of the headlines. I loved Tiger but, I don’t need to hear about how bad he’s doing anymore. Move over buddy, new sheriff in town.


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