Red Sox Mid-Season Grades

The first half of the MLB season has come and gone with all star week just ending. The Red Sox opening back up tonight against the Angels, Boston currently sits in last in AL East. 

The first half has been a major disappointment in the eyes of the fans. With few bright spots, the Boston Red Sox are still technically in the race. 

Rating the entire season, I would give the team a D+. It would be an F but it is kind of fun to watch the young talent that has been getting a chance. 

Below are my rankings of each player that has gotten significant playing time this year:

CATCHERS: Here is a position that actually has not been bad for the team everyone who has called a game has done a decent job.  

Ryan Hanigan- B 

With Hanigan behind they plate, the Sox are actually above .500. He calls a great game and has very good at bats. If he didn’t get injured midway through the campaign, his grade maybe higher. 

Sandy Leon- C+
Batting just .180, makes me grade him low. However, he has shown that he can hold his own behind the plate. He has thrown out 32% of base runners that have tried to steal a bag on him.

Blake Swihart- B-
Blake is one of the young studs we have got to see so far this season. However, he was called up too soon and still needs to work in his game. He has shown some glimpses of what could be a great career. 

First Baseman- This has been a complete disaster of a position so far. 

Mike Napoli- F

He has been horrible all year besides maybe one week. He is at career lows in almost every category. 

Allen Craig- F 
Another disappointment. He had a chance to take over for Napoli and where did that land him? Triple A! He hasn’t done bad down there but not good enough to make it back to the big leagues. 

David Ortiz- C 
He hasn’t been the Big Papi of old. But he hasn’t been horrible. He’s been hitting the ball for power as of late but he needs to be more of a team player. 

2nd Baseman- Another bright side has been the players that have played here. 

Dustin Pedroia- A- 
He would have been an all star if not for the injury which dropped him to an A- instead of an A. He was on fire until the injury. 

Brock Holt- A 

The lone all star. What can you not say about him, he does it all for this team. From Right to Left, third to first, Brock has played every position besides catcher and pitcher. 

Xander Bogaerts- A+ 

My favorite player to watch on this team is this man right here. Seeing him hit his stride and take over the game has been a thrill. He has been better than advertised and in my mind should be considered one of the top SS in the league. Batting .304 all year then .392 with men in scoring positions. He is going to be a star sooner than later if not considered one now. 

Third Base 
Pablo Sandoval – C 
Panda hasn’t lived up to his contract by any means but he has hit the ball pretty well. His fielding has been decent at best. 

Outfielders- A few bright spots and more disappointments. 

Hanley Ramirez- B- 
He is only this high because he can hit. He is horrible in Left field. Absolutely horrible.

Mookie Betts- B+ 

Mook is fun to watch. He is fast, and can track most baseballs. A slow start hurts his grade a little but overall he is turning it up and he will be a big part in the future plans. 
Shane Victorino- D 
He gets hurt to much plain and simple. He can’t be in there everyday like he wants too. He doesn’t hurt the team when he is in there though.

Daniel Nava- F 
This feel good story has long ended. He’s been out of the line since he got hurt and I don’t expect him to be back in soon.
Alejandro De Aza- A- 
He has been a big addition since being picked up from the O’s. He plays solid in right and left. He hustles. He does what he is here to do and that is compete. 
Rusney Castillo- F
“FREE RUSNEY” our skipper Jack Corsi would say. He was freed and brought up and what did he do? Absolutely nothing! He even dropped a routine Fly ball when they played the Angels.

Jackie Bradley Jr.- Incomplete
I can’t fully grade him cause he hasn’t played much in the bigs. However, I love him in the field but he needs to start hitting. 

Starting Pitchers- “5 aces” they said.

Clay Buchholz- B 

After a 1-3 start, he has pitched well. However, he is now on the DL and could be out a long time. 

Rick Porcello- F 
As 98.5 would say “Por-cell-blow”. He has been terrible no other way to put it. 

Joe Kelly- F 
Mr. CY Young. Yeah right Joe. He is now in the minors after going 2-5 in 14 starts. 

Justin Masterson- D 
He’s has been good at times then absolutely atrocious others. He can’t throw heat anymore making him struggle. 

Wade Miley- C 
He has pitched off and on all year. He’s pitched well in the games that don’t include much. Pressure then horrible in others. But he is far from the worst on the staff. 

Eduardo Rodriguez- B+ 

Fast Eddy , E-Rod, whatever you want to call him, he’s been good. In 9 starts, he looks like he could be an ace in the future. 

Steven Wright- B 
He is no Tim Wakefield. However, he did pitch well in his time in the bigs and needs to be brought up either as a 5th starter or long relief.

Relief Pitchers- As a group they actually have been consistent in my eyes. 

Tommy Layne- B


I was really excited to watch this guy pitch going into the season. He’s been very effective verse lefties. 

Alexi Ogando- B-

He has been pitching well and would have a higher grade but he lets up a lot a home run for a relief pitcher. 

Craig Breslow- C 

He is no where near his form from 2013 but he’s better than he was last year. He’s been average. 

Robbie Ross Jr- C 
He isn’t bad but he isn’t good. He’s been up and down from Triple-A all year. He gets mostly mop up rolls. 

Matt Barnes- D- 
Former 1st round pick, has not transitioned from starter to reliever very well. He is 25 now and his chances maybe ending soon. 

Junichi Tazawa- A- 
He’s been great again with very few shake ups. He is proving to be a great set up man. 

Koji Uehara- A
For being 40, he’s still pitching dominant. In the opportunities, he had there is little to worry about. 

John Farrell-C+ 
A few weeks ago, you could find me ripping him apart. As of late, I’ve started to come around. He’s made some better decisions as in benching Mike Napoli. 

Wrapping up, I would like to say a few things I’d like to see. 

1. Cole Hamels in Boston. I know this probably won’t happen without losing one of the young guys but I’d love it. 

2. Mike Napoli gone. This is a no-brainier in my eyes and should be in everyone’s. 

3. Brian Johnson and Henry Owens up in the majors. With Clay hurt, we may get to see Johnson soon but I’ve watched Owens pitched too and I like his stuff. 

4. Masterson and Kelly in the Pen. Clay to come back strong. E-rod continue to dominate. And Finally Porcello to figure it out. 


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