Time For Enhancement

The all star game is over, thank god. The MLB has some stuff to really think about over the next few months/years. Starting with this all star game and home run derby.

The home run derby was a smash hit. The story of Todd Frazier was the tale of a hometown hero. The Cincy crowd was awesome when rooting for their boy. If I’m the guys in this department, you better believe I got 1 or 2 hometown guys in this contest. Absolutely unreal the reaction to Fraziers heroics in this event.

The timed events really made things interesting. We were finally able to see a buzzer beating homer. I don’t think we would have ever seen that in the Bud Selig era. Timing these events is a key to success and I think this may not be the only timed event in the future.

For the actual game, I really had no interest. It shouldn’t matter that the winner gets home field in World Series. No other sport uses this format. So why look like a bunch of idiots and do it this way. Let the team whose the higher seed become the sole survivor in terms of home field.

Pitch clock will be implemented within the next few seasons. Rob Manfred seems to have the right idea when he wants to advance the game. Only way to get more viewers is through these enhancements. Good luck Rob and play ball.


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