The Irish King

The interim reign of Conor McGregor has officially begun. Last night, the Notorious one took down Chad Mendes in the 2nd round to win his first ever UFC Featherweight crown. The controversial figure will now await Jose Aldo to find out who the undisputed champ really is.

The Irishman won last night via TKO, which seems like an old thing since thats his main source of victory. Mendes came out flying looking to punish the loud mouthed McGregor early and often. But his fast pace attack eventually led to his downfall.

McGregor is a guy who likes to pick his spots when hes fighting, and that is exactly what he did last night. As Mendes continually pushed for a guillotine choke, McGregor landed a devastating blow to the chin of Mendes.

From the announcement of the Aldo replacement, you knew that these two were destined for an instant classic. I implore you to watch the weigh in. McGregor and Mendes could have fought each other on the stage.

The walk out music performed live too made it even more special. With Sinead O’Connor and Aaron Lewis playing playing live, this fight went from big to huge in a matter of moments.

Conor has said in  the past he doesn’t just knock them out he picks the round that hes going to do so. Last night was another instance of this performance.

People all around have rallied around McGregor, some through admiration and some through disdain. He is the reason why MMA and the UFC are becoming big again. He will be the face of the company. Watch for his next announcement, it will easily be the best card of the year.

We now await for the announcement for the Aldo-McGregor war, these two will really fight out of pure hatred. It will easily contend for fight of the year or even fight of the decade.


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