A-Rods Anthem

Alex Rodriguez is easily the most hated man in all of baseball. A-Rod is the bad guy of baseball, but the forgotten villain. At one time he was like the Joker but now after the dust has cleared he’s become the Riddler, a true villain but always forgotten.

A-Rod comes back this year and sets himself up for glory. He achieves two career milestones, but doesn’t get the respect that others will get.

Yeah, I get it he used PED’s. But what hero of the game doesn’t have a black mark? Mark McGwire sure does, and he’s still garnered as an icon.

500 home runs and 3,000 hits with or without steroids is one of the most impressive feats in baseball. Bud Selig hates A-Rod, and he is the reason to blame for the mass-hatred of the third baseman. Yeah he slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo hand, and threw fists with Varitek. But if you put anyone else in the second situation, then I guarantee they would have tossed hands with Tek.

Look I know many people think he’s a dirtbag. I did for a while too, but at this point let him earn his money and retire from the game. He is a HOF’er, and if you think otherwise then smack yourself. Should have been an All Star this year too.

Just be ready for another A-Bomb from A-Rod real soon, he’s just gonna hit more and more.


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