Donny’s Roller Coaster

Good bye Lucic, Smith and Hamilton, hello Bellesky and Hayes. Only God knows whats going on inside the head of the Donny Sweeney.  Draft day was one of the strangest but exhilarating in a long while for Bruins fans.

I don’t buy into Dougie being a loner at all, 22 years old and a loner? Yeah right. Maybe the problem in the locker room is with the captain but hey that’s what I’m just thinking. The Lucic trade needed to happen, he was bound to cash in after being mediocre.

But to trade a potential top 10 defenseman was a bogus move. No idea what he was thinking there. The draft moves where out there as well, two of the picks made me laugh. Who knows, maybe he saw a few diamonds in the rough.

Hold on wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?

Now this isn’t a bash post, Donny comes out of nowhere later in the week. Picking up Matt Belesky and Jimmy Hayes. I’m excited to see these two in the black and gold. Sweeney also goes out and gets Zack Rinaldo, a gritty scumbag, who will probably find a living on line 4.

They flip Martin Jones to San Jose for a prospect and a pick too. Trader Donny is a wise wise man. But I don’t think he’s done. I think he’s got an ace in the hole somewhere along the way. Should be on the back end meaning we could see a guy like Johnny Oduya in Boston. I can only hope he’s the next name in Boston.

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