Cavs CWS Dream Come True

One year ago, the Virginia Cavaliers were a nationally ranked seed with dreams of becoming the national champions. But the Commodores of Vanderbilt spoiled those dreams. Last night was the final chapter in the rematch of last years series, this time with good fortune for UVA.

The Cavs completed the task, coming from behind to score four unanswered runs and shutting down a powerful Vandy offense. Final score read 4-2, but defense was the term that we be written down when remembering this decisive game 3. Kenny Towns with arguably the best play I have ever seen at third base, robbed Vandy of the lead, keeping the game knotted at 2.

These two clubs proved that they both belonged there in that series with their defensive play. Pitching also spotlighted in this series as well. Whether it was Carson Fulmer in game 1 for Vandy or Josh Sborz in game 2 in relief for UVA. Pitching was also undeniably good.

Could we see chapter 3 and the rubber match next year? I sure hope so. Both teams had some role-playing freshman who not only shined in the previous game but played a pivotal role in the CWS final. I really tip my cap to these young men, they proved their worth.

I think the real winner was the fans here. College baseball has flourished over the past 3 to 5 years, and with household names being created all over the country, the CWS will continue to flourish. If we get a Commodores-Cavaliers chapter 3, I swear college baseball could go onto a major network and bring in huge, huge rating.

Virginia is the first ACC team to win the big one since 1955, the last were the Demon Deacons of Wake Forrest. A well deserved victory for a team who had to fight tooth and nail to get into the ACC tournament let alone the Regionals. I was pulling for Vandy and have been a fan of there’s for the last couple years, but that run maybe over. Not gonna pick a bandwagon or a team just gonna watch the field and hope for the best.


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