Who is the King of the Mound? 

Who is the best pitcher of baseball? Is it KING Felix? Clayton Kershaw? Madison Bumgardner? Jon Lester? The answer to all these names is NO! 
The best Pitcher in baseball is…
Max Scherzer 

After throwing a one hit complete game a week before, Mad Max threw a No-No Saturday. 

With 2 out in the 9th, Scherzer threw a slider that stayed inside and “plunked” Jose Tabata’s Left elbow disrupting his Bid for a perfect game. (I say “plunked” because Jose may have leaned into the ball ever so slightly) 

Scherzer’s stat line for the past 2 games are as followed: 

18 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 26 SO 

18 innings pitched with only one hit and one walk is incredible. Nothing has been done like that since Vander Meer threw 2 no hitters back to back in 1938. 
So that could happen to anyone you may say. But what makes Max better than his competitors is his consistency.

Comparing the Top Aces in the league, Scherzers Win-Loss record is not the best at 8 and 5. However, he’s pitched well in most of those games. He leads the majors posting a 1.76 ERA. While only allowing 68 hits in 102.1 innings. That’s a batting average of .181. He also leads the Majors in strikeouts and innings pitched. 

Some may argue Kershaw because of his domination of hitter for a longer stretch, but so far this season the new King is here and his name is… MAD MAX.


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