Jordan Does It Again

2 majors and only 21 years of age. Jordan Spieth is the next superstar in the world of golf. But Spieth isn’t the only story from the U.S. Open this past weekend.

The U.S. Open crown has eluded Phil Mickelson once again. He couldn’t get the job done, stinks but hey he will get it one day. Lefty had a solid opening 9 but just couldn’t rebound.

Tiger Woods, yikes. Tiger shoots a +16 and misses the cut by a country mile. The legacy of Eldrick is probably broken at this point. We may never see the old Tiger again. The controversy and injuries have crushed his spirit. Maybe he needs a new chick in his life, that’s always worked for him.

Dustin Johnson played a great tournament but at the end of the day, choked.on the final day, Dusty J just couldn’t find the hole. 18 was a cringeworthy three putt that had everyone asking what just happened. I’ll say this, after that performance he is destined to win a major.

FOX, in my opinion, didn’t do a half bad job. What hurt them was there broadcast team(not Joe Buck though). Curt Menafee should stick to football. Greg Norman was great when they had him on, he really is unreal to list to. The other guys, I couldn’t tell who was who, didn’t distinguish themselves. Joe Buck was, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, great.

I don’t know how I feel about Chambers Bay yet. Need to see another tourney there to see how it’s played. Billy Horschel may be right after his criticism of the links.

Jordan Spieth proved last night that he is the next superstar. The putts he hit were just awesome. He also has a bit of an attitude and swagger that the younger generations love to see. He’s got 2 major wins already, and there’s two to play. So why can’t Jordo win the grand slam in one year?

We got a few weeks until we go to the Old Course at St. Andrews. No picks to be made yet. But my money may be on the young man from Texas after his performance last weekend.


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