Donny’s FA

As I mop and sweep floors at the school I work at, I have been contemplating who Don Sweeney could sign or trade for. With no Carl Soderberg coming back, the Bruins are now left with a younger team. Donny has some ideas that he should contemplate and a few names to consider.

First name to absolutely consider is Chicago forward Brandon Saad. Saad is an RFA, but I really doubt that Chicago will have enough to pay him. It could come down to him and Patrick Sharp for Blackhawks next season. The Pittsburgh native is a big, fast, and strong player that could compliment the likes of Milan Lucic.

The next name that I like is another RFA Tyler Toffoli. Toffoli is a streaky player, but could be a major difference major in this culture change. He’s played well along side Jeff Carter, and could be a great addition. But with that RFA on him, Toffoli may be staying in LA.

Another name out of LA that I’ve brought up in the past is Justin Williams. Williams proved to be the key player in the Kings cup run a year ago. Williams is a gritty veteran that scores big goals in big games.  At 33, Williams could be the missing piece to the Marchand-Bergeron line, and is a definite improvement to that slouch Riley Smith.

One last name I would love to see Donny target is 27 year old Matt Belesky. Belesky shined on the playoffs with 8 goals and 9 assists. Best part about Belesky too is that he can play anywhere, could be a top liner or a third line grinder whose a mistmatch for most teams. Could really bring new means to the Bruins offensive attack.

So we got plenty of time, first priority in ,y opinion is still Dougie Hamilton. There are also talks of bringing back filthy Phil Kessel(yeah I just gave him that nickname).  Do it up Donny.


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