Immortality In Omaha

The College World Series has come out of nowhere over the past 4 or 5 years in awesomeness. Last years Vandy team made me believe that the game was good. But why?

The glory of Omaha is something every division 1 baseball player dreams of. The stadium there is just unreal. Possibly the best atmosphere in all of baseball, yeah I said all of baseball it’s just that good.

The SEC has dominated once again, sending a handful of teams to Omaha. The ACC also sends a couple teams there as well. Baseball is just flourishing on the east coast.

A team to watch is the runner up from last year, the Virgina Cavaliers. The Cavs are an impressive 5-0 in this years tournament. With wins over Maryland(2), USC(2) and San Diego State. But this Cavs team is younger and doesn’t have the experience, which makes them something special.

LSU is the highest national sees remaining with the 2 seed. In years past being a national seed is not the best. Last years champ, the Vanderbilt Commodores, won as an unranked national seed. Doesn’t matter who you are, depth and coaching is key at this point in the year.

The defending champs will also continue their reign, as the Vanderbilt Commodores will make their way to Omaha. The ‘Dores completed the two game sweep of the impressive Illionis Fighting Illini. Dansby Swanson, the number 1 pick in this years MLB draft is the player to watch. This kid can flat out play, along with Carson Fulmer(the number 8 pick), Vandy is a scary team to play against.

Here are the first couple games:

June 13
Arkansas vs. Virgina
Florida vs. Miami (FL)

June 14
Cal State Fullerton vs. Vanderbilt

I’m a fan of Vandy so I want to see them take on LSU in the second round of games. On the other side I like Florida and UVA to go through. Arkansas is a scary team though, they like to go yard. Should be a killer slate of games, and all I’m saying is don’t let the Vandy Boys get out of the first round.


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