My View On TB12 Vs Goddell

Folks we have ourselves a real life version of Celebrity Deathmatch. In the red corner it’s 4 time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady. In the blue corner its NFL commissioner(and moron) Roger Goddell.

Deflategate is easily the most annoying sports controversy ever. As a fan of the Eagles, I don’t have to deal with thinking my QB could be out the first four games. Knowing BRADFORD it’ll be a season ending ACL tear in the firt preseason game.

Heres my two cents.

If Brady was innocent then why wouldn’t he cooperate? Why waste everyone’s time and effort if you didn’t do it? Brady is either hiding something or just is fighting for his right to party. Personally I think he’s gonna get a game or a big fat fine. Tom didn’t make this easy for himself, could have just cooperated but hey if your asking for my phone, I’d probably tell you to kick rocks.

Goddell has just looked like a witch hunter throughout this entire thing. First the suspension and now not stepping down from the appeal. Come on Roger, you’re better than that. I honestly think Goddell knows he messed up with everything last year and is making up for it by targeting Brady.

Wheres Bellicheck in all this too? Bill is just gonna let his QB take all the heat from this? Some coach of you ask me.

The refs should have gotten some sort of reprimand as well. If they are as stupid as I think they are they should be booted from the officiating world. Come on inspecting a football isn’t that hard. Ted Wells might as well be exiled because that bogus report really didn’t help anything.

So before this gets even more out of hand let me say this. New England cheated and got caught, their fans will continue to say “They hate us cuz they ain’t us” and Goddell is an absolute moron. That’s all I have to say about it, yeah pretty hot take if you ask me.


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