Islanders Say Goodbye the Island.

The New York Islanders are packing up the office moving to Brooklyn, and they’re trying to ease their life-long fans into the change.

I’m the last person to sympathize for New York fans, 27 rings plus two stolen right off of Tom’s finger, this isn’t exactly Cleveland. But, I do feel bad for what the Islanders fans are having to go through right now. Since their four cups straight back in the early 80’s, they have been abysmal. Mike Milbury nearly burned the organization to the ground for being responsible for why they’re still having to pay Rick DiPietro $1.5 million every year until 2029. Now they’re moving the team from the Island to Brooklyn.

Boston being one the biggest sports markets in the country, I’ll probably never have to worry about getting one of my teams moved. So, I don’t know what it actually feels like. Can’t be good though, right? The past 3 years the Islanders made the playoffs twice, as a team that I was actually rooting for. In 2013 they met a destined Penguins team in the first round and split the first 4 games (winning one in Pittsburgh Game 2) after losing in overtime Game 6. I was immediately drawn to the passion oozing from the rafters at Nassau Coliseum. I thought what a great hockey atmosphere. You hear a lot about the Madison Square Garden when just across the pond the Island is rocking the barn. (unintentional rhyme but look how good it worked)

nassau colisuem

If you read the article i linked above (if not you should) then you realize how much care the front office is putting into this relocation. Why? I already explained it, the Islanders have hockey fans and you can’t play with hockey fans’ hearts. Very delicate.

.john tavaras celly

Also really sucks that they have to go from an arena name in the Nassau Coliseum to the Barclays Center. Talk about down grade.


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