Too Big, Too Strong, Too AmeriKANE

88. Showtime. Mr America. Patrick Kane.

You cannot tell me when 88 steps onto the ice against your team you don’t hold your breathe. He is simply one of the best to ever tie the skates up. I think when it’s all said and done, Kaner will be the greatest American to play the game.

Kane has been a key part to the Blackhawks Stanley Cup this year, and the two in the past. He’s been a staple in the lineup for years now and to think he’s only 26. Oh yeah its the third time in 5 or 6 years that they’ll be in the Cup.

Kane against Minnesota was just pure genius. 88 scored in every game and they were all pretty sweet goals. He showed us Devan Dubynk is just a normal goalie and really was nothing special. Then he gets moved to line 1 in game 7 against the Ducks. Highlight the game Brendan Saad had because of the increased pressure on Kane. The man is just one of the best.

Comparing his success to Mike Modano, his playoff glory is what puts him ahead of Mo. While number 9 has far more goals than Kaner, Modano also played on a Dallas team who wasn’t always stacked. Kane plays with guys like Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa who can put up numbers when he doesn’t have to.

Kane debuted back in 07, so he’s got 8 seasons under his belt. In my gods honest opinion i would be shocked if he doesn’t play at least 10 more seasons. Some that could be in Buffalo, imagine Kane on a line with Jack Eichel. That line would just tell you how much they plan on scoring. Pretty scary thought for Bruins fans.

He is also the most exciting player when it comes to the shootout. Simply put he can stick handle two or three times then pretty much say hes going top corner.

If 88 and the ‘Hawks finish off Tampa in the Cup then this thought could be a reality. I mean he already plays on a line with the best player in the game, number 19 Jonathan Toews. So why can’t Patty Kane be the number 1 player born in America all time?


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