Time for Ortiz to Walk Away

David Ortiz has always been one of my favorite players to watch. However, he needs to give it up.
Papi needs to realize that he is not helping this team. Ortiz is batting .224 on the year with only 18 RBIs. He needs to hang them up.  

 With Hanley Ramirez struggling to field his position in left, Boston needs to find a new place for him. Some say they would move him to first but I do not like this move. First base is a difficult position to learn and with it a quarter of the way through Hanley wouldn’t have much time to transition. So I say move him to DH. 

But where does that leave Papi? Use him as a mentor, as a player coach, or have him play every so often. Ortiz just can’t be hitting every day. Because clearly he isn’t the same Big Papi of old. 

As much as I hate to say it, David needs to give it up. 


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