Merry Christmas Hockey Fans

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a lot like Christmas morning. If only Christmas morning were to last 2 months long. And instead of green and red lights everywhere, it’s green men by the penalty box and red blood all over the ice. Just as much sweat though, if you don’t sweat when you’re opening presents then you either don’t have a heart or probably more fit than I am.

It’s like when you run down stairs at the crack of dawn and just start tearing through presents like you’re trying to locate a ticking time bomb. All the little presents are up front and you have to work your way closer to the tree where the mother load of presents lay. Usually there’s that big one you’ve been asking for since September. All the little presents that get heftier and heftier are the rounds leading up to the big one, the Stanley Cup Final.

Now, after a month and a half of the most exciting, heart-stopping hockey, we have finally reached the the best two weeks of the year. Yes, the Stanley Cup Final is here and set to start this Wednesday night for Game 1.

Most were hoping for the Original 6 match up of New York and Chicago but, we get Chicago and Tampa instead. Two of the most exciting teams in hockey from a goal scoring standpoint. We get to see Toews go head to head with Stevie Stamkos for (hopefully) 7 games. Last time the Cup Final featured two teams that didn’t play each other during the regular season was 2013 where we got one of the best 6-game Cup Finals in recent memory (Boston v. Chicago). Not a bad deal.

So prepare yourselves to unwrap the big one. One that should not disappoint.

Ps. I’m not predicting any more series because it’s almost a fact I’ll get it wrong.

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