What’s Next?

After a brilliant debut by Eduardo Rodriguez, the Red Sox can see that their future is bright. With Mookie Betts, Rusney Castillo, Xander Bogaerts, Blake Swihart, and now Rodriguez all up in the big leagues, it is easy to see the future it slowly coming around. But what about now? 

A bright future is always a good thing however, the Fenway Faithful wants results now. 

So that brings up the question “Do we need to make a trade?”

I think yes! 

Boston is currently only sitting 3.0 games back but they have not had much consistence on either end. The offense start off red hot and now is inconsistent. Then there is the pitching. It start off real slow now it looks like it is some what coming together but is still so inconsistent. 

A trade must be made for either an established number 1 (yes I know same old song and dance) or a veteran constant hitter. Because let’s face it we can’t do much right, right now. 

Let’s look at both sides of the story. 

Pitching wise, we have had the best of both worlds. One pitched goes out pitches a great game then gets absolutely destroyed the next. But who would be a good fit? A name that has been tossed around all year has been Cole Hamels. I think this is a great fit for the Sox. He’s been an ace since he basically enter the league and has been consistent his whole career. Other names that could possibly on the radar for Boston are the likes of Johnny Cueto of the Cincinnati Reds or Jordan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals. 

However, they could also make a trade to improve the offense. One name that has been in rumors in Catcher Stephen Vogt of Oakland. The 30-year-old is having a monster year for the A’s. He currently is batting .310 with 9 homers and 30 RBIs on the year. Vogt might not only be a all star this year but also could serve as the veteran catcher that can teach Swihart and Christian Vazquez a few things about calling a game in the big leagues. Other names mentioned have been Josh Reddick (yes another outfielder) and Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez would be an interesting pick up because if Ortiz doesn’t start coming around he could DH or be put at 3rd and Pablo could DH. 

With it still being somewhat early it could be some time before a trade is made. However, the smartest move would definitely be to make one as soon as possible before all hope is lost on this season. 


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