Sox Get Spark From Unlikely Source

Anyone remember the Andrew Miller trade?

Most people don’t know who the Red Sox got in return for Andrew Miller last season. A trade that was overshadowed by the departures of Jon Lester and John Lackey, this trade may be the best trade Boston made last season.

In the series opener against the Texas Rangers the Red Sox handed the ball to a 22 year old Venezuelan lefty making his major league debut. In a hitters ball park, faced against the MLB’s 5th ranked offense this season, Eduardo Rodriguez got a chance to prove his worth.

Asked to give the Red Sox a spark after being swept by Minnesota, many did not know what to expect from the southpaw. I’m sure most did not expect much, if anything. I mean could he be worse than what they’ve been getting from their starting rotation? Not a chance. But no one saw what was coming Thursday night.

Rodriguez went 7.2 innings allowing 3 hits and no earned runs. The rookie had 7 strikeouts and 2 walks while keeping the Ranger hitters guessing with a 95 MPH fastball and tough breaking ball. His command was outstanding all night and certainly raised some eyebrows in the Red Sox dugout.

As he exited the field in the 8th inning after surrendering a 2-out single, the entire Red Sox team met him at the entrance to the dugout to pounce on the young stud after a stellar performance. Clay Buchholz was seen minutes later with his arm around Rodriguez smiling ear to ear, like a big brother congratulating his younger brother.

Was Rodriguez the spark the Red Sox were looking for?

Right now it sure seems like it. For the first time in awhile, maybe even all season, the Red Sox looked like a team. They looked energized. They looked focused. They looked poised. They looked like they wanted it. Its hard to say if Rodriguez was the only spark the Red Sox received (David Ortiz benched), but its obvious he’s what they needed. Exactly what they needed.

Its safe to say we’ll be seeing Rodriguez again.

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